Prevent Wildfires Poster Large

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Celebrate nearly 75 years of vigilance with The Landmark Project Prevent Wildfires Poster. Each poster is printed on archival cotton paper that won't fade or yellow so you can encourage and educate others for years to come.

Artwork by Cory Godbey

Each poster is printed on 100# archival cotton paper that will never fade or yellow. Made with 100% renewable energy, 100% sustainable fibers, and made without the use of chlorine. 


How to Care for Your Landmark Poster

1. Protect the Edges.
Even if your poster brushes against another object, the edges are prone to dents, so handle with care!

2. Avoid Extra Hardware
Never apply rubber bands, paper clips, or tape to your poster as these all have the potential to damage the paper.

3. Wash Your Hands.
Only handle with clean, dry hands in a clean work area. Remove all food and drinks from your surroundings. With these culprits around, anything can happen!

4. Put It Under Glass
Frame your poster as soon as possible to prevent bad things (see #3) from happening. Ask Landmarkʼs customer service for framing recommendations.

5. Hang It Properly
Store or hang your poster in a cool, dry environment (avoid attics, basements, and proximity to radiators and vents). Avoid exposure to direct or intense sunlight.

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